Episode 7

Published on:

12th Oct 2021

Housing Trends in Michigan's Thumbcoast

Host Dan Casey speaks with Stacy Priehs, Associate Broker & Branch Manager at Coldwell Banker Professionals, about housing trends in Michigan's Thumbcoast.

Dan and Stacy talk about:

  • How COVID has changed the housing market
  • How quality of life issues affect where people live
  • Available and affordable housing options
  • Advantages of living in the Thumbcoast region of Michigan
  • Over 200 miles of shoreline and shoreline communities
  • Affordability of living in St. Clair County
  • Working from home
  • Housing sizes currently in demand
  • Inventory of houses in St. Clair County
  • Study of new housing available in St. Clair County
  • How to get started looking for a new house
  • New construction in St. Clair County
  • Should you buy a new home or sell your home first?
  • Average days on market for St. Clair County homes
  • What type of housing are we missing in St. Clair County?

Learn more at: https://edascc.com/quality-of-life/housing/

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