Episode 6

Published on:

12th Apr 2022

Making Music with Rockford Carving Co.

Join Dan Casey and Robert Klingler of Rockford Carving Co. to hear how the company started out in Rockford, Illinois and made the move to Marine City, Michigan.

In this episode, Dan and Robert Klinger talk about:

  • Robert's high school garage band in the 60s
  • How Robert started the business
  • Fixing your own guitar with components from Rockford Carving Co.
  • Les Paul, Jimmy Paige, B.B. King, and other companies and artists that Rockford works with
  • Stories about artists they have worked with
  • Components made by Rockford Carving Co.
  • The raw materials that Rockford works with

To learn more about Robert Klinger and Rockford Carving Co. visit their website here:


To learn more about the St. Clair County EDA, visit their website here:


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